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Regulation of Service Providers

Proper Regulation of Service Providers

Proper Regulation of Service Providers

The Government will ensure proper regulation of service providers through the following measures under the BO and its subsidiary legislation including the Building (Inspection and Repair) Regulation (B(I&R)R):

  1. Establish an Inspectors' Register and regulatory mechanism under the BO, as well as Inspector Registration Committees to scrutinise the professional standards for registration as RIs.
  2. Issue detailed guidelines on the requirements and standards of building inspections, window inspections and repair works, the Code of Practice for the MBIS and MWIS and Practice Note on Best Practices on Tendering Procedures.
  3. Conduct random detailed audit checks of inspection reports submitted by RIs, and impose appropriate sanctions for irregularities identified.
  4. Issue publicity materials and provide enquiry/report channels on malpractices of RIs/QPs.

Site Audits

  1. Buildings Department (BD) will conduct site audits from the submitted Certificates and inspection reports. Our site audits could be made during or after office hours. This is to ascertain that the prescribed inspection and prescribed repair have been carried out by the Registered Inspectors (RIs)/the Registered General Building Contractors (RGBCs)/the Registered Minor Works Contractors (RMWCs) in accordance with legislation, as well as the code of practice and practice notes issued by BD. If there are any irregularities, BD can instigate prosecution or disciplinary actions against the RIs/RGBCs/RMWCs.
  2. The owners shall cooperate with BD to conduct site audit inspection in order to protect their interest.

Report of Malpractice

The BD will handle all reports on breach of statutory requirements under the BO. In respect of suspected irregularities, misconduct or negligence of the service providers, owners/OCs may report to the BD at telephone no. 2626 1616 (handled by 1823). If irregularities of the service providers are found, the BD will consider instigating prosecution and/or disciplinary actions against them.

As some reports should be handled under the jurisdiction of other government departments or professional associations, direct reports may be made to the relevant departments/organisations for the following suspected irregularities:

Cases involving corruption or illegal activities
Unfair trade practices involving suspected breach of the requirements under the Trade Descriptions Ordinance (Cap. 362)
Custom and Excise Department
When come across unfair trade practices such as goods or services not corresponding to descriptions; delay in delivery; dissatisfaction with services
Consumer Council
Suspected breach of Competition Conduct Rules such as tender rigging
Competition Commission
Complaints involving professional conduct
Relevant trade unions/associations/ professional institutes and/or registration boards

For types of offence of RI, please refer to Legal Liabilities of Registered Inspectors.

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