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Flat-Check Right Away
Flat-Check Right Away
Epidemic Prevention Information - Healthy Drains
Epidemic Prevention Information - Healthy Drains
Mobile Application for MWIS – WIN SAFE
Mobile Application for MWIS – WIN SAFE
Mobile Application for MWIS – WIN SAFE
Building Safety Advanced Certificate Course (The 6th Course)
Building Information Modelling
Building Information Modelling
Relief Measures to Support Minor Works Contractors
Relief Measures to Support Minor Works Contractors
Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)
Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)

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  1. If the owners do not comply with this Order, the Buildings Department (BD) will have the demolition work carried out by a Government contractor. They will then be billed for all costs plus a supervision charge and a surcharge.
  2. Not complying with the Statutory Order is a criminal offence with a maximum penalty of one year's imprisonment and a maximum fine of HK$200,000. For continuing offences, there is a further daily fine of HK$20,000.
  3. The Order will also be recorded in the Land Registry and, if the property is mortgaged, the financial institution concerned will be notified.

Please refer to Owners' responsibility for details.

Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions for details.

Removing the partition wall between two adjoining units having green balconies and utility platforms may involve structural elements which lead to contravention to the Building Ordinance (BO). The alteration works involved may also breach the BO and allied regulations such as the exemption criteria for green balconies and utility platforms in the building concerned.

The owners are strongly advised to consult an authorized person before commencement of the removal works and make formal application for approval and consent from the BD if necessary..

If you cannot resolve the problem of water seepage with your neighbour, please call 1823 for assistance. Upon receipt of the seepage complaint, the Joint Office will carry out a preliminary investigation.

If the seepage has posed a sanitary nuisance, the Joint Office will act in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance. If the seepage is mild or intermittent or if the source of seepage cannot be identified after investigation, Government intervention will cease.

Please refer to Problems with water seepage for details.

Please refer to New Registration for details.

The validity period of new registration / retention / restoration for AP/RSE/RGE/RI is 5 years.

If the application is deferred, the applicant may request by writing to BD for re-consideration of his application after the deferral period.

NO application fee is required but the applicant may be required to submit the updated documentary proof of experience and a copy of valid registration certificate issued under the Architects/Engineers/Surveyors Registration Ordinance.

The person should notify BD in writing and present the following documents to Registration Unit:

  1. Letter on change of name signed by the AP/RSE/RGE/RI;
  2. Original and copy of Deed (Deed Poll); and
  3. Original and copy of new HKID card.
  1. The Authorized Signatory (AS) and where necessary the Technical Director (TD)/Other Officer (OO), shall on behalf of the applicant attend the interview by the registration committee who will advise BD to accept, defer or refuse the application.
  2. The applicant will be notified of the result within 3 months from the date of the meeting of the registration committee.

Company applicants can apply for registration as Registered General Building Contractor (RGBC) and/or Registered Specialist Contractor (RSC) in one or more categories of specialized works. Application for registration as RGBC and RSC in each category of works should be submitted separately.

The person should notify BD in writing and present the following documents to Registration Unit:

  1. Letter on change of name signed by the AS/TD/OO;
  2. Original and copy of Deed (Deed Poll); and
  3. Original and copy of new HKID card.

Registered contractor shall notify BD in writing of the change of the appointed AS/TD/OO with the effective date of the change together with the company's name and registration number. The notification letter should be signed by the AS with his full name printed.

If the letter is signed by the other partner or director of the company, it should be stamped with a company chop. The letter should be sent to Registration Unit..

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