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Modular Integrated Construction

Pre-acceptance Mechanism

Pre-acceptance Mechanism


Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) refers to a construction whereby free-standing integrated modules (completed with finishes, fixtures and fittings) are manufactured in a prefabrication factory and then transported to site for installation in a building.

PNAP ADV-36 sets out the relevant design considerations and requirements for compliance with the Buildings Ordinance (BO).

Pre-acceptance for MiC System

With a view to facilitating wider use of MiC for private building developments in Hong Kong, the Buildings Department (BD) has set up a pre-acceptance mechanism for granting in-principle acceptance to MiC systems / components.

The pre-acceptance mechanism aims to resolve the non-site specific* design and construction matters of a MiC system / component and provide curtailed assessment on whether the design and materials used meet certain minimum standards for a particular aspect set out under the provisions of BO so that the industry would have greater confidence in using such systems / components for the local projects. The application may cover a single volumetric module or a combination of various modules forming a typical floor and a building block including the associated standard structural and connection details.

*NOTE - Site specific matters or specific issues of uncertainty related to plan submissions should be handled in the formal plan submissions under the centralised processing system or the established mechanism of pre-submission enquiry as stipulated in PNAP ADM-19.


MiC suppliers and manufacturers are required to appoint an Authorized Person (AP) and a Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) (as necessary) for preparing the application for in-principle acceptance of MiC system. To ensure that the fundamental issues could be fully considered and essential information be included in the submission to facilitate processing by the BD, AP and RSE (as necessary) should refer and complete the application checklist annexed to PNAP ADV-36 when preparing their applications.

Each application shall be posted to or submitted in person to the Receipt & Despatch Counter of the BD at G/F, Buildings Department Headquarters, North Tower, West Kowloon Government Offices, 11 Hoi Ting Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon with the following:

  1. Completed and duly signed Form MiC1
  2. Completed application checklist
  3. Two sets of coloured plans showing the relevant architectural, structural and drainage layout / details as necessary
  4. Structural calculations as necessary
  5. Documentary evidence of compliance with relevant standards / requirements under the BO
  6. Material or product specifications
  7. Quality certifications or test reports by accredited laboratories
  8. Other relevant information that the AP and RSE consider essential for a particular application


An MiC system accepted by the BD will be assigned a unique reference number which should be quoted in the formal plan submissions. To cater for advancements in construction technology and possible revision to Codes of Practice, the in-principle acceptance of any MiC system will be subject to a validity period of maximum 5 years. Upon expiry, an application for renewal of the in-principle acceptance prepared by AP and RSE (as necessary) shall be made in Form MiC2 to ensure that the latest requirements of BO would be complied with.

Processing Time and Fee

If sufficient information is accompanied with the application, BD will provide a determination normally within 45 days. A "letter of in-principle acceptance" will not be issued if insufficient information is provided or contraventions to the provisions of the BO and its subsidiary regulations are identified. In order to expedite the processing of applications, the applicant, AP and RSE will be informed of the issues required rectification and the outstanding information. In the reply, they are reminded to respond to BD within 60 days. If no response is received, BD will issue another letter, further reminding them to reply to BD within 60 days. If no response is received, BD will consider the applicant no longer interested to proceed further with the application.

Similar to the pre-submission enquiry services, no separate fee would be charged for the services provided under this pre-acceptance mechanism.

Lists of Accepted MiC Systems

MiC systems accepted by the BD will be shown in BD website for reference by the public and practitioners.

Enquiries and Feedback

For enquiries and feedback, please contact the following officers:

Building Matters

Technical Secretary/Building, Ms TONG Fung-ling, Fiona (

Structural Matters

Technical Secretary/Structural, Ms LIAUW Hak-ka, Carol (

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