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Welcome Message

Welcome Message from the Director of Buildings

Director of Buildings - Mr YU Tak-cheung, JP

Welcome to the website of the Buildings Department.

The Buildings Department is committed to promoting building safety; setting and enforcing safety, health and environmental standards for private buildings; as well as improving the quality of building development.

In new buildings, we will continue to work in partnership with the building professionals in the plan approval and construction process and carry out audit checks to ensure compliance with building standards. We have been providing incentives to promote the construction of environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings.

For existing buildings, we strive to take rigorous enforcement action against dangerous and newly erected unauthorised building works, dangerous buildings and slopes, defective drains and signboards. We promote timely maintenance of buildings through the implementation of Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme and Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme. We administer a building safety loan scheme to help those in need.

We have also embarked on regular reviews of our regulations and standards to keep the building control system commensurate with the advancement in technology as well as the practice and needs of the industry and public aspiration, a system in harmony with the society.

This website provides a wealth of information on our functions and services. You can also find here our latest news. I hope you will find our website informative and useful. Your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Enjoy your surfing!

Mr YU Tak-cheung, JP
Director of Buildings