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New building works

We control all private building developments in Hong Kong under the Buildings Ordinance and its allied legislations.

Any person who intends to carry out building works is required under the Buildings Ordinance to appoint the following Building Professionals to prepare and submit plans for the approval of Building Authority:

The person is also required to appoint a Registered Contractor to carry out the building works. Consent to commence building works is required from the Building Authority before the works start.

If the works involve Minor Works

Building Works falling within the designated minor works items may be carried out without the need for obtaining approval and consent from the BD if they are implemented through the simplified requirements under the Minor Works Control System (MWCS).

Roles of Building Professionals and Registered Contractors

Authorized Persons, Registered Structural Engineers and Registered Geotechnical Engineers have statutory responsibilities for co-ordinating and supervising the carrying out of building works and submitting plans, stability certificates and test reports. Registered Contractors have statutory responsibilities for providing continuous supervision to the carrying out of the works.

When a breach of statutory provisions is identified, the Building Authority may order works to cease or to be remedied. Offenders are also liable to prosecution or disciplinary proceedings.

Roles of Buildings Department

We will check plans via a centralised processing system by collating comments from relevant government departments to ensure that all statutory standards, safety and other requirements are met.

Site Monitoring for building works in progress will be conducted. We also make final checks before issuing an occupation permit.

Fees for Submission of Plans

For submission of plans, please refer to Payment of Fees on Submission of Plans.

For additional inspection upon completion of building works / street works, inspection and testing of drainage works, please refer to Miscellaneous Charges.

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