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Our services

Performance pledge

Performance Pledges

Our Performance Pledges in 2023

2626 1616 (BD hotline is handled by '1823')
2537 4992
Our Vision

To make the built environment safe and healthy for our community.

Our Mission

To set and enforce safety, health and environmental standards for private buildings.

Our Culture

To go the extra mile in serving our customers and the community in general.

Services and Targets
Services and Targets
Service Service Standard Performance Target(% meeting standard)
Emergency Service
(a) A 24-hour service for emergencies relating to buildings, building works, signboards and slopes
During office hours
- in urban areas Inspect within 1.5 hours 100%
- in new towns in NT Inspect within 2 hours 100%
- in other areas in NT Inspect within 3 hours 100%
Outside office hours
- in urban areas & new towns in NT Inspect within 2 hours 100%
- in other areas in NT Inspect within 3 hours 100%
Investigation on unauthorised building works and safety of existing buildings
(b) Non-emergency reports on dilapidation of buildings, signboards and slopes Inspect within 10 days 95%
(c) Non-emergency reports on
- unauthorised building works under construction Inspect within 48 hours 99%
- existing unauthorised building works on external walls Screen and inspect # within 30 days 95%
- other unauthorised building works Screen and inspect # within 50 days 95%
(d) Reply on non-emergency reports of unauthorised building works and building safety Reply within 30 days after screening or inspection 90%
Control of new building works
(e) Non-emergency reports on irregularities on demolition or new building works Inspect within 10 days 100%
(f) First submission of plans and major revisions Advise on whether a submission is fundamentally acceptable within 45 days 90%
Approve or disapprove plans within 60 days 90%
Re-submission of plans Approve or disapprove plans within 30 days 90%
(g) Applications for consent to the commencement of demolition or building works Issue or refuse to issue within 28 days 90%
(h) Applications for occupation permits Issue or refuse to issue within 14 days 100%
Processing of applications for registration
(i) Applications for inclusion in the authorized persons' register or structural engineers' register or geotechnical engineers' register or inspectors' register Notify results within 120 days * ^ 80%
Applications for inclusion in the general building contractors' register and specialist contractors' register Notify the completeness of the submissions upon initial vetting within 10 working days 95%
Applications for inclusion in the minor works contractors' register
Class I minor works contractors Consider by Minor Works Contractors Registration Committee within 82 days 90%
Class II and III minor works contractors Notify results within 82 days * @ 90%
Advisory service on licence applications
(j) Advice to licensing authorities on building safety requirements for new applications for restaurant licence and place of public entertainment licence Advise within 12 working days 98%
Processing of applications for plan retrieval
(k) Retrieval of electronic records of existing buildings for viewing and copying in Building Information Centre (BIC) Make records available within 3 working days 98%
Processing of applications for loans
(l) Loans for removal of unauthorised building works Notify results within 14 days * 98%
Loans for repair/investigation of buildings Notify results within 21 days * 98%

#Depending on circumstances of the case, inspection may be required after screening.

*It counts from the date of receipt of a valid application (i.e. no outstanding supporting documents and required information).

^If the applicant is not available to attend the professional interview before the relevant Registration Committee Meeting as scheduled, it will count from the date of attending the professional interview.

@If there are outstanding documents/information in the application, it will count from the date of receipt of the outstanding documents/information, or the due date of submission of the outstanding documents/information if they are not received.

Review of Standards and Targets

As a continuing commitment to serving the public, we have been reviewing the service standards and performance targets from time to time. We will publish our actual achievements against the performance targets every year.

Monitoring Body

Buildings Department Service Standards Committee


We welcome comments and suggestions on our services delivery via our Contact Us

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