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Modular Integrated Construction

Pre-accepted Modular Integrated Construction Systems / Components


The Lists of Pre-accepted Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Systems / Components (the Lists) aim to provide a web-based reference to authorized persons, registered structural engineers and other concerned parties in the building industry (Users). It is intended to help sharing of information on MiC with the Users and to enhance public access to information.


The in-principle acceptance may be restricted to certain performance aspects of a MiC system / component. The Users who makes use of or relies on any information in the Lists shall assume full responsibility for the application and performance of the pre-accepted MiC systems / components. The Users should be aware of any new legislation coming into operation after the enlisting of the pre-accepted MiC system and ensure that the MiC systems adopted have been properly designed and constructed in compliance with the latest provisions of the Buildings Ordinance (BO) and its subsidiary regulations including the supervision requirements upon their application in a project.

Using a pre-accepted MiC system / component on the Lists shall not be construed as automatic acceptance to a particular project by the Buildings Department (BD). Formal submissions for approval and consent from the BD will be required prior to the carrying out of works. Users should observe the statutory control under other government departments on aspects relevant to the use of MiC systems such as water supply installations, electrical installations, fire service installations and transportation and lifting of the MiC units.


The BD does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy and suitability of the information contained in the Lists in any particular case.

The BD disclaims all liabilities for any loss or damage to any person arising from or as a consequence of the use of or reliance on any information contained in or omitted from the Lists.

The Lists are not certification of the MiC systems by the BD. Users are strongly advised to seek independent professional advice in any particular case.

Updating of Information

The BD reserves the right to change, alter, add or delete, revise and update any information contained in the Lists at such time and in such manner as it considers appropriate. Notwithstanding anything herein contained, the BD is not obliged to and shall not be required to keep all the information contained in the Lists up-to-date.

The Lists

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