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Unauthorised building works

Owners' Responsibility

Owners' Responsibility

UBWs may affect the safety of the building and devalue the property. Owners should not erect UBWs.

For existing UBWs, owners should in their own interest take the initiative to organize for the demolition of UBWs in their premises.

For UBWs erected in the common areas of a building, the co-owners of the building or the Owners Corporation should co-ordinate to remove the UBWs.

Before Buying a Flat

If you intend to buy a flat but worry that there are UBWs inside the premises, you should consult a building professional in case of doubt.

You may also apply directly to the Buildings Department for viewing and copying records of approved building plans and occupation permits in order to ascertain whether a property is free of UBWs. Viewing or obtaining copies of records requires a payment of fees.

Removal of UBWs obstructing building repairs

Removal of UBWs obstructing building repairs

If building owners wish to carry out maintenance or renovation works to their building, they may approach the Buildings Department for assistance if their works are obstructed by UBWs.

They may also take action under the Deed of Mutual Covenant to effect removal of UBWs.

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Cooperate with the Buildings Department

The Buildings Department (BD) will take enforcement action against UBWs according to the Enforcement Policy. Building owners should comply with Removal orders to remove UBWs within the specified period.

Cooperate with the Buildings Department
Type of Penalty Description
Not complying with the Statutory Order
  • Criminal offence
  • maximum penalty of one year's imprisonment, and
  • maximum fine of HK$200,000
  • BD may also have the demolition work carried out by a Government contractor.
  • Owner will be billed for all costs plus a supervision charge and a surcharge.
Continuing offence
  • Further daily fine of HK$20,000

The Order will also be registered in the Land Registry and the financial institution concerned will be notified if the property is mortgaged.

When serving repair orders, the Buildings Department will simultaneously serve orders to remove obstructing UBWs to facilitate the repair works.

Financial Assistance

Building Owners may apply for Building Safety Loan Scheme in carrying out UBWs removal works. For details, please refer to Building Safety Loan Scheme.