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Property owners and owner's corporation

Required action by Owners & Owner's Corporations

Appointment of Service Providers

There are over 400 persons registered as Registered Inspectors(RI).

Appointment of Registered Inspectors
By Owners / OC

Prescribed Inspection

By Registered Inspector

Submission of Inspection Report & Certification by RI

Appointment of RI for supervision

By Owners / OC

Appointment of RC for prescribed repair works

By Owners / OC

Supervising prescribed repair by RI

Carrying out prescribed repair by RC

Submission of Completion of Report & Certificates

By Registered Inspector


For details, please refer to Procedures of MBIS.

The RI, who is responsible for the supervision of the prescribed repair works, must submit to the BA a certificate in the specified form certifying that he is not a partner, director, or authorized signatory of the registered contractor appointed to carry out the prescribed repair. Besides, if different RIs are responsible for the supervision of prescribed repair and the carrying out prescribed inspection, the former RI responsible for prescribed inspection is also required to submit the above certificate.

Apply for extension of time

The owners / OCs may apply to the BD in writing, and state the justifications for the Extension of Time application. The BD will consider the application on a case-by-case basis.

How to appoint?

The RI appointed to carry out the prescribed inspection or supervision of the prescribed repair shall be a person whose name is for the time being on the Inspectors' Register kept by the Building Authority.

An RI may be:

  • Authorized Person (AP)
  • Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) or
  • Registered building professionals possessing relevant work experience in the field of building construction, repair and maintenance

The RC appointed to carry out the necessary rectification and repair works under the MBIS shall be an RGBC or RMWC who is qualified to carry out the rectification and repair works and whose name is for the time being on the respective contractors registers kept by the BA. RMWCs are qualified to carry out minor works belonging to the class, type and item for which they are registered.

Work Safety tips for Owners & Owner's Corporations

  1. RI/Registered Contractor shall be employed for the prescribed inspection and / or prescribed repair.
  2. Owners / Owner's Corporation shall remind that RI/Registered Contractor and his representative / employee has provided precautionary measures and equipped with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (such as safety helmet and safety belt…etc.);

General guidelines for safety at workGeneral guidelines for safety at work


For every building work, proper insurance should be in place such as

  • a contractor's all risk insurance;
  • a third party liability; and
  • an employees' compensation.

Report irregularitiesReport irregularities

Report irregularities on occupational safety and health to Labour Department at 2542 2172.

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