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Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme


Buildings Department (BD)

The BD serves statutory notices on the owners of the target buildings requiring them to carry out the prescribed inspection and repair works of their windows within specified time frame.

This includes the windows for individual private premises and common area of the building concerned.

Building Owners served with a statutory notice

The building owners must appoint an Registered Inspector (RI) to carry out the prescribed inspection within the specified time frame.

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  • The Registered Inspector must carry out the prescribed inspection personally within the specified time frame, unless exempted by the relevant provisions of the subsidiary legislation, to ascertain whether the building has been rendered dangerous or is liable to become dangerous.

When the RI considers that a Prescribed Repair is required, the owners concerned:

Upon completion of the prescribed inspection and prescribed repair, the appointed RI must submit the following documents to BD for record and audit check:

  • An inspection report
  • A completion report
  • A certificate in the specified form

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