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Registered Inspectors & Registered Contractors


Registered Inspectors

Registered Inspectors

A Registered Inspector (RI) is responsible for carrying out prescribed inspection or supervision of prescribed repair under the MBIS.

An RI may be an Authorized Person (AP), Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) or registered building professionals possessing relevant work experience in the field of building construction, repair and maintenance, and whose name is on the Inspectors' Register kept by the Building Authority (BA).

How to register as an RI?How to register as an RI?

Application for registration as RI should be submitted in the specified form together with the prescribed application fee.

In preparing the application documents, applicants should make reference to the "Advisory Notes for Completion of Form BA 1" which is distributed with the specified form.

For reference, please refer to Practice Note for Authorized Persons, Registered Structural Engineers and Registered Geotechnical Engineers APP-7 - Application for Registration as Authorized Persons, Registered Structural Engineers, Registered Geotechnical Engineers and Registered Inspectors.

Registration Card for Registered Inspector (RI)

With effect from 1 January 2016, the Buildings Department has discontinued the issue of the A4-size paper certificate of registration, and will issue registration card only to all RI (Paper certificate issued before 1 January 2016 is still valid up to the date of expiry of registration.)

Sample of the Registration Card for RI


Registered Contractors

The Registered Contractor (RC) appointed to carry out the necessary rectification and repair works under the MBIS shall be an RGBC or RMWC who is qualified to carry out the rectification and repair works and whose name is for the time being on the respective Contractors' Registers kept by the BA.

RMWCs are qualified to carry out minor works belonging to the class, type and item for which they are registered.

How to register as an RC?How to register as an RC?