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Registered Inspectors & Registered Contractors

Duties & Liabilities

Key Duties of Registered Inspectors and Registered Contractors

  • Notify the Buildings Department(BD) of their appointment.
  • Carry out the prescribed inspection personally. *
  • Submit to the BD for endorsement the proposal for Detailed Investigation (DI), should this be considered necessary.
  • Must not commence the DI before endorsement by the BD.
  • Prepare the proposal for the prescribed repair if this is found necessary upon the prescribed inspection.
  • Identify UBW in the common parts and on the exterior of the building.
  • Submit to the BD and the owners/OC for record a copy of the inspection report, inspection certificate and necessary repair proposal within 7 days after the completion of the inspection.
  • Supervise the carrying out of the prescribed repair for the building as found necessary.
  • After completion of the necessary repair for the building, submit to the BD and the owner/OC for record a copy of the completion report and completion certificate.
  • Follow the guidelines in the Code of Practice for the MBIS/MWIS and the Practice Notes for the Mandatory Building and Window Inspection Schemes (PNBI) issued by the BD.
  • Carry out repair works in accordance with the Buildings Ordinance (BO) and relevant standards
  • Ensure that the building or windows, as the case may be, are rendered safe.

*Remarks: Any person making false declaration or misrepresenting a material fact shall be gulity of criminal offence and subject to prosecution.

Legal Liabilities of Registered Inspectors
Offence Fine / Imprisonment
Any RI fails to carry out the prescribed inspection personally. A fine of HK$250,000
Any RI fails to provide proper supervision of the carrying out of the prescribed repair found necessary after the prescribed inspection. A fine of HK$250,000; or a fine of HK$150,000 in the case of supervision of a prescribed repair that is minor works.
Any RI fails to ensure that the building, for which the RI is appointed to supervise the prescribed repair, is safe or has been rendered safe. A fine of HK$1,000,000 and imprisonment for 3 years; or a fine of HK$500,000 and imprisonment for 18 months in the case of a prescribed repair that is minor works.
Any person other than a RI who, without reasonable excuse, certifies a prescribed inspection or certifies or supervises a prescribed repair in respect of a building. A fine at level 6 (at present HK$100,000) and imprisonment for 6 months; and a fine of HK$5,000 for each day during which it is proved to the satisfaction of the court that the offence has continued.

Work Safety tips for Registered Inspectors and Registered Contractors

  • Before the commencement of and during the prescribed inspection and prescribed repair, RI shall ensure that RI, his representative and the contractor has equipped with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (such as safety helmet and safety belt…etc.) and adequate precautionary measures had been provided;

General guidelines for safety at workGeneral guidelines for safety at work


For every building work, proper insurance should be in place such as

  • a contractor's all risk insurance;
  • a third party liability; and
  • an employees' compensation.

Report irregularitiesReport irregularities

Report irregularities on occupational safety and health to Labour Department at 2542 2172.

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