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Property owners and owner's corporation

Notification to Owners

Statutory Notices

The BD serves statutory notices on the owners of the target buildings requiring them to carry out the prescribed inspection and repair works found necessary in respect of:

For details, please read refer to "Scope of Buildings Inspection" under Scope.

Not yet received statutory notices?

Apart from mandatory building inspection, owners are encouraged to volunteer at any time to arrange inspections and repairs of their buildings / premises. In such cases, the inspection and repair works should also be carried out in accordance with the standards and procedures of the MBIS; otherwise the BD may still serve statutory notices on the owners when the building concerned is selected as a target building for the implementation of the MBIS.

Summary of Responsible Persons

Summary of Responsible Persons
Building Elements Responsible Person
Common parts of the building Owners or Owner's Corporations
External walls Owners of External Walls
Projections of the building
(Not belong to common parts of the building)
Owners of the Projections
Signboards Relevant person (please refer to section 24(2) of the BO)