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Property owners and owner's corporation

Assistance to Owners & Owner's Corporations

Assistance to Owners & Owners' Corporations

To dovetail with the implementation of the MBIS and the MWIS, the Government, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) and the Urban Renewal Authority (URA), has launched various assistance schemes to help owners comply with the statutory requirements.

Eligible owners may obtain various forms of assistance and support from the HKHS/URA and the Government at different stages of the two mandatory inspection schemes:

  • Mandatory Building Inspection Subsidy Scheme (MBISS) providing subsidy on the cost of appointment of RIs for the first prescribed building inspection to eligible owners, subject to a cap.
    For more details please refer to the following links:
  • Technical advisory services in respect of matters relating to building and window inspection and maintenance and, where necessary, referral to representatives of relevant professional bodies for free professional advice.
    For more details please refer to the following links:
  • The one-stop Integrated Building Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme providing financial assistance and technical support to building owners.
    For more details please refer to the following links:

Under the Integrated Building Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme, owners can simply complete one set of application forms for multiple applications those who meet the eligibility criteria of the respective assistance schemes to carry out building and window repair works:

For more details please refer to the following links:

For details, please call 3188 1188.

The cost of professional services for building inspection and window inspection and their repair varies with such factors as the building size, the number and size of windows in the building, their conditions of maintenance and repair, and the prevailing market conditions of the trade.

There are over 400 persons registered as RI and over 15,000 RGBCs and RMWCs registered for the class, type, and item of minor works in respect of inspection and repair services.

The number of service providers should be sufficient to ensure a level playing field in the market. Owners/OCs may obtain quotations from different RIs and RCs for cost reference and comparison.

Please refer to the cost information for building inspection under the MBIS obtained from the contract prices of the consultants appointed by the Buildings Department.

According to the quotations / advertising pamphlets provided by the QPs / Registered Contractors, please refer to the cost information for window inspection and common window repair items under the MWIS.

In any case, on the arrangement for complying with the MBIS and the MWIS, owners may also approach and discuss with the management company or the Owners’ Corporations of their buildings as well as other owners for better coordination and collaboration..

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