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Major Features of e-Forms

1. Buttons on the Top Right Corner

Buttons on the Top Right Corner

You can use the following buttons for different purposes:

Function Description
Download Draft For mobile form user to retrieve the draft data from BD server within 24 hours.
Print Print the form
Reset Clear the data typed into the form (Remarks: digitally-signed forms cannot use this function)
Save Save this form with inputted data. A Save-as dialog box will be displayed to save the form. You may save the form using different filename / folder.
Submit Submit the PDF form electronically.

2. Validation

To ensure the completeness and correctness of the e-Form, most e-Forms have validations to check the inputted data against validation rules; or check if mandatory fields are already filled before the form is electronically submitted through Submit button:

e-Forms Validation

e-Forms Validation

Remarks: for clarity of the message, only first 8 items of missing mandatory fields will be displayed on the message box.

3. Auto-complete

Some forms which address on a subject building (e.g. Minor Works forms, Signboard forms, Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme forms, Building Information Centre forms) have auto-complete feature for faster address input on computer.

When public users enter characters to Street/Village box or Building/Estate box, the PDF form will connect to BD server to search for candidate entries for them to select. When they select a candidate entry, other parts of address will be filled according to BD's record.


Please note

  • This feature requires internet connection.
    Internet connection
    Sometimes a yellow notification bar is displayed for trusting the PDF form before performing auto-complete search. Follow Adobe Reader's (or Acrobat's) instruction to trust the PDF form first. This may involve saving the form.
  • Corresponding addresses and addresses other than subject building on the forms do not have such feature.
  • No auto-complete feature on mobile version.