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How to attach files to e-Form?

When you are submitting e-Form, most specified forms require supporting documents to be attached.

You can use Acrobat Reader's attachment function to attach the documents. Please note that such function is only enabled by Desktop Forms.

1. Opening the form with Adobe reader or Adobe Acrobat

Opening the form with Adobe reader or Adobe Acrobat

Click the paper clip icon on the left-hand side to show up the section for attachments.

2. Attaching files

Add Attachment button

Click Add Attachment button (paperclip with gear icon as shown above).

Select attachment

Select the file to attach to the e-form.

Please note

  • Files should be attached to the PDF form before the form is signed with any e-Signature.
  • Attached files should also be digitally signed, otherwise BD reserves its right to reject the attached files.
  • To submit electronically, the PDF form, including attached files and e-Signatures, should not be greater than 25MB.