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Prescribed Professionals & Contractors

Checklist for the Appointed Persons

  1. 1. Check who should be appointed for the minor works concerned

    Only the Prescribed Building Professional (PBP) and/or Prescribed Registered Contractor (PRC) who are registered for the specific classes and types or items of minor works in accordance with section 27 and 28 of the B(MW)R.

    Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) should be appointed if the prescribed plan and details for class I minor works other than those specified in subsection (4) of Section 37 of B(MW)R are involved.

    Registered Geotechnical Engineer (RGE) should be appointed if geotechnical plans, geotechnical assessment, geotechnical details or calculations and geotechnical reports are involved.

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  2. 2. Check record and verify the site whether subject to the control of the Building Ordinance

    • Both PBP and PRC are recommended to check the approved building records (such as the building plans, structural plans, calculations and etc.) and minor works record (e.g. record photos) from the BD before the commencement of works.
    • If the proposed minor work locations fall within the boundary of Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) courts, Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) or Public Rental Housing Estates, please submit the specified forms to The Independent Checking Unit of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Housing by post or in person for processing.
    • If the proposed minor work locations fall within the New Territories Exempted Houses (NTEH), the Buildings Ordinance (BO) and the regulations made under BO shall not apply. For more detail, please refer to "New Territories Exempted Houses (NTEH)".
  3. 3. Ensure compliance of minor works with Building Ordinance and subsidiary legislation

    If the proposed "minor works" would result in any contravention of the regulations, the PBP and/or PRC should not carry out the works but to advise owners or owner's agent.

  4. 4. Submit specified forms on time

    Plans / Elevations / Sections

    • At least 1:100 for plans and sections of MW and if necessary, it may be 1:5 or 1:10 for blow up details (in A3 size is recommended);
    • At least 1:500 for block plans of MW;
    • Material of plan must be durable; and
    • The plans must be coloured10 to differentiate existing works from new works and one part of any new works from other parts.

    The recommended colours to be used on the prescribed plans are provided in Appendix A to Practice Note for Authorized Persons, Registered Structural Engineers and Registered Geotechnical Engineers (PNAP) ADM-9 – Colouring of Plans or Appendix VI of the "Technical Guidelines on Minor Works Control System"


    • Should be of 4R size;
    • Clearly show the physical conditions of the site before and after the works;
    • All photographs should be signed by the appointed person (as the specific classes of minor works may require)
    • Should be taken from the same angle to facilitate the processing of the submission
    • Photo marks should be indicated on plans showing the angle of photo-taking with photo numbers

    Photographs should be clear to show the subject MW item and the environmental factors such as the distance from ground or edge of roof governing the classes of MW. More than one photo may be necessary to clearly show the details of works. It may also be necessary to make use of a measuring tape to show the critical dimensions when taking the photos.

    The recommended format of photo page for submissions are provided in Appendix F to Practice Note for Registered Contractors (PNRC) 71).

    For minor works of Class I,II and III, all prescribed plans and details or plans that are required to be submitted under the Regulation must be prepared and signed by the appointed person.