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Prescribed Professionals & Contractors

Work Safety & Insurance

The PBP & PRC appointed should ensure that precautionary measures (such as working platform, scaffolds, etc.) are properly provided and workers are equipped with adequate personal protective equipment (such as safety helmet, safety belt, etc.) in particular when working at height, before the commencement of works.

The PBP & PRC appointed are advised to read relevant guideline issued by Labour Department and Occupational Safety & Health Council under the following link and download relevant mobile apps for details.

General guidelines for safety at workGeneral guidelines for safety at work


The PRC appointed should procure all necessary insurance prior to commencement of works.

The PBP appointed should ensure that the appointed PRC have procured all necessary insurance prior to commencement of works.

Report irregularitiesReport irregularities

Report irregularities on occupational safety and health to Labour Department at 2542 2172.

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