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Checklist for the Appointed Persons

FAQ of Registered Minor Works Contractors on filling the standard forms of Supervision Plans for minor works

The standard form of Supervision Plan is available in our website (Form SP). The Registered Contractor (RC) should fill in Part IV of the SP to nominate the Technical Competent Persons (TCP) for carrying out site supervision together with the Annex to confirm the appointment of the TCP.

The grades of TCP and their minimum frequency level of site inspections required for minor works are set out in Table 1 of the Technical Memorandum for Supervision Plans 2009. Besides, the Authorized Signatory (AS) of the RC shall appoint the highest grade TCP in his/her stream as representative to assist in carrying out the safety management functions. Alternatively, the AS may act as the representative himself/herself subject to his/her inspection frequency not less than that required of the highest grade TCP within his/her stream.

TCP of grade T1 and T3 are required to be appointed to supervise minor works under the RC stream. Details of the minimum qualifications and experience required are set out in Table 2 of the Technical Memorandum for Supervision Plans 2009 and Tables 8.4 & 8.6 of the Code of Practice for Site Supervision 2009.

Yes, a TCP of higher grade may take up the responsibilities of those TCP of lower grades within the RC stream for concurrent works. For this combination of TCPs, Form C at Appendix IV of the Code of Practice for Site Supervision 2009 should be submitted together with the Supervision Plan to demonstrate the adequacy of supervision resources after combination. However, the AS and his/her TCP cannot act as TCP within the stream of the Authorized Person, Registered Structural Engineer or Registered Geotechnical Engineer.

The scale factor of minor works is the ratio of the total cost of the works to a basic value as set out in Table 8.1 of the Code of Practice for Site Supervision 2009. The basic value of minor works is currently assigned as $5M.

The Curriculum Vitae showing relevant qualifications and experience of all the TCP under the RC stream should also be attached as Appendix 4B with the Part IV of the SP.