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UBWs in sub-divided flats

Subdivided Flats in Industrial Buildings

Subdivided Flats in Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings are not designed for domestic use and thus are subject to requirements different from those applicable to domestic and composite buildings on various aspects, such as:

  • the provision of natural lighting and ventilation
  • open space
  • means of escape
  • other fire safety measures.

The occupants of dwelling units in an industrial building converted for domestic use could be exposed to high fire risks posed by the other units within the same industrial building which are still being used for industrial activities or storage of dangerous and inflammable goods.

Posing high risk to the occupants

Since the potential risks cannot be rectified solely by remedial or improvement works, subdivided flats within industrial buildings are absolutely not suitable for domestic use. The Buildings Department (BD) will continue its efforts to eradicate the domestic use in industrial buildings.

Assistance to the Occupants

Subdivided Flats in Industrial Buildings

The Government's policy is to ensure that no one will be rendered homeless due to its enforcement action. As such, BD will maintain close liaison throughout the enforcement process with Housing Department, Social Welfare Department and Home Affairs Department to offer appropriate assistance to the affected occupants. The social services teams of BD will provide the necessary social and emotional support to the affected occupants.

In December 2011, BD launched the "Relocation Allowance Scheme Assistance Programme" funded by the Community Care Fund to provide one-off relocation allowance to occupants who are required to move out of subdivided units in industrial buildings due to enforcement action by BD.