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Social services support

In-house Social Services Teams

With the ever-increasing expectation of the community and the implementation of various large-scale operations to enforce building safety, health and environmental standards, Buildings Department has established in-house social services teams :

  1. to take care of the financial, psychological and social needs of complainants and owners/occupants affected by the Department's enforcement actions; and
  2. to enhance mutual understanding and streamline the communication between occupants and Buildings Department.

The Social Services Teams mainly provide the following services :

  1. to handle and follow up cases involving social issues by liaising with and referring to other departments such as Social Welfare Department, Housing Department and Education Bureau.
  2. to accompany Buildings Department staff to conduct site visits for difficult cases that require special negotiation or counselling services.
  3. to outreach, on a need basis, to owners/occupants encountering financial, psychological and social difficulties.
  4. to participate in Buildings Department’s meetings with owners’ organizations and other government departments for the purpose of addressing social issues arising from Buildings Department’s operations.
  5. to provide consultation and training to Buildings Department staff on handling cases involving emotional owners/occupants.

Social Services Teams

  • Christian Family Service Centre
  • Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service
  • Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong