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UBWs in sub-divided flats

Building Works Associated with Subdivison of a Flat

Building works associated with subdivision of a flat are subject to control under the Buildings Ordinance (BO).

Owners' Responsibility

Owners who intend to carry out addition and alteration works to buildings should consult building professionals on feasibility of the works, whether the works are minor works or works that require Building Authority's (BA's) prior approval and consent, to ensure that the works do not contravene the BO.

Building Works requiring Approval and Consent

If the building works involve the structure of a building, the owner should appoint an authorized person and a registered structural engineer, as may be required by the regulations, to prepare the alteration and addition plans. After obtaining approval of the plans and consent to the commencement of the works from the BA, the works should be carried out by a registered contractor in accordance with the approved plans.

Minor Works

If the works are designated minor works, they may be carried out through the simplified requirements under the Minor Works Control System (MWCS).

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