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Overview of MBIS

Selection of Target Buildings

Selection of Target Buildings

Target buildings are selected each year for implementation of MBIS. Buildings selected for MBIS will also be selected for MWIS under the same cycle.

A selection panel comprising representatives from professional institutions, non-government organisations, property management professionals District Councils and relevant Government departments is established to render advice to the BD for the selection of target buildings for MBIS and MWIS.

A risk-based approach is adopted, taking into account the factors below in the selection of target buildings:

  • Building age
  • Building condition
  • Building management
  • Potential risk to the public (e.g. with cantilevered slab canopy and cantilevered slab balcony)
  • Building clusters

Generally speaking, older buildings that are lack of building management and repair would have more dilapidation and defects in their common parts and external walls.

Higher priority may be given to those dilapidated buildings and buildings with cantilevered slab structures (e.g. cantilevered slab canopy and cantilevered slab balcony), posing relatively higher potential risk to the public.