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Overview of MBIS

Time Frame

Time Frame
Items to be completed within the time limit Time limit in general case (from the date of the statutory notice)
Common parts Individual premises
Buildings with Owners' Corporation Buildings without Owners' Corporation
Appointment of an RI Within 3 months Within 6 months Within 3 months
Prescribed inspection Within 6 months Within 9 months Within 6 months
Prescribed repair (if necessary) Within 12 months Within 15 months Within 12 months

Next MBIS Inspection

Next MBIS Inspection

Building age is calculated according to the date of the occupation permit issued by the Building Authority (BA).

After a notice (the preceding notice) has been complied with, a fresh notice in respect of the same part of the building must not be served by the BA before the expiry of 10 years after the date of the preceding notice.