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Frequently asked questions

Licensing Advisory Services

Doors should be installed with smoke seals under Clauses C6.1 and C16.5 of the Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings 2011 (FS Code) which has come into effect since 1 April 2012. Such provision usually applies to the entrance doors of licensed premises which form part of a protected lobby of a required staircase or doors forming part of a protected lobby of a kitchen. In addition, reference should be made to the prevailing requirements in Clauses E9.1 and E9.2 of the FS Code as amended by the Corrigenda issued on 22 January 2013 which have been uploaded to BD's website.

As the subject matters relate to the application of the FS Code, it is strongly advised that the service of an Authorized Person (AP) (an architect, engineer or surveyor registered under the Buildings Ordinance) should be enlisted at the early stage to avoid unnecessary waste of time and efforts resulting from unsuccessful applications.