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What are unauthorised signboards?


Under the Building Ordinance (Cap 123), erection of signboards is a type of building works controlled.

Signboards that have not been erected in accordance with the following requirements and are not designated exempted works are regarded as unauthorised signboards and would be subject to enforcement actions by the Buildings Department (BD):

Large Signboards erected with prior approval of plans and consent to commencement of works obtained from the BD.

Erection of signboards by obtaining prior approval and consent

Small Signboards erected with submission through the simplified requirements under the Minor Works Control System.

Erection of signboards via minor works submissions

View more about the Signboard Control System (SBCS) to control existing unauthorised signboards.

Legal Status of Validated Signboards

The legal status of the unauthorised signboards that have been validated remains unchanged and they are still unauthorised building works since no approval has been obtained from the BD prior to erection. However, the BD will not take enforcement action against such validated signboards unless they become dangerous.

Legal/Validated Signboards Database

The Buildings Department is establishing a database of all legal and validated signboards to facilitate control and enforcement actions. The information of such signboards will be uploaded to the Government's GeoInfo Map for its staff and public's reference. The database will be updated regularly.