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Validation procedures

Checklist for the Appointed Persons

1. Check who should be appointed

Only the Prescribed Building Professional (PBP) and/or Prescribed Registered Contractor (PRC) who are registered for the specific classes and types or items of minor works in accordance with section 62A(3) of the B(MW)R relating to the erection or alteration of signboards under the Minor Works Control System (MWCS) can validate the corresponding classes and types or items of unauthorised signboards.

Registered Structural Engineer should be appointed if the signboard is not a specified construction (section 37(4) of the B(MW)R). Prescribed Registered Contractor must be appointed if strengthening works are involved.

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2. Verify if signboard is eligible for validation

The unauthorised signboard eligible for joining the Validation Scheme should be in existence or completed before 2 September 2013 and falling within the "List of Prescribed Building or Building Works Relating to Section 39C(1A) of Ordinance" in Part 3 of Schedule 3 of the B(MW)R. The technical specifications of these signboards should follow those of the minor works listed in the B(MW)R.

3. Inform owner if signboard is not eligible for validation

If the signboard cannot be validated, the PBP/PRC should advise the signboard owner to remove the signboard under MWCS.

4. Consult relevant government departments separately

If the validation / strengthening works of the signboard involves the jurisdictions of other government departments, the appointed person should consult and obtain the necessary approval or consent from the relevant government departments separately.

5. Submit specified forms on time

Plans / Elevations / Sections

  • Must be drawn to a ratio of not less than 1:100
  • The unauthorised signboard should be coloured
  • Plan not larger than A3 size is recommended
  • The block plan must be drawn to a ratio of not less than 1:500

All prescribed plans and details of the works should be signed by the Prescribed Building Professionals (appointed person) as the specific classes of minor works may require.

The recommended colours to be used on the prescribed plans are provided in Appendix A to Practice Note for Authorised Persons, Registered Structural Engineers and Registered Geotechnical Engineers (PNAP) ADM-9 – Colouring of Plans or Appendix VI of the "Technical Guidelines on Minor Works Control System".


  • Should be of 4R size
  • Clearly show the physical conditions of the signboard
  • All photographs should be signed by the appointed person (as the specific classes of minor works may require)
  • Should be taken from the same angle to facilitate the processing of the submission
  • Photo marks should be indicated on plans showing the angle of photo-taking with photo numbers

Photographs showing the conditions of the signboard and the related premises before the commencement and after the completion of the strengthening works (if required) should also be submitted in accordance with the simplified requirements under the MWCS.

The recommended format of photo page for submissions are provided in Appendix F to Practice Note for Registered Contractors (PNRC) 71).

6. Legal Responsibilities

PBP and PRCs are vested with legal responsibilites under the BO and the subsidiary regulations to inspect, strengthen (if required) and certify the safety of signboards.

Upon receipt of the validation submissions, random audit check will be carried out and the BD may consider taking appropriate enforcement action against non-compliant validation works and instigating prosecution and/ or disciplinary action against the persons contravening the statutory requirements.