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Codes and references

Practice Notes for Registered Contractors

Practice Note
PNRC No. Title Date of current issue
PNRC 1 Practice Notes in Force Jul 2012
PNRC 2 Buildings Ordinance (Cap. 123) Specified Forms Mar 2023
PNRC 3 Cease Works Orders Jan 1990
PNRC 4 Hoardings and Covered Walkways - Building (Planning) Regulations Part IX Feb 2009
PNRC 5 Pouring of Concrete Against Walls of Adjoining Buildings May 1994
PNRC 6 Demolition Works Measures for Public Safety Sep 2022
PNRC 7 Hong Kong Airport (Control of Obstructions) Ordinance, Cap 301 Nov 2015
PNRC 11 Testing of Drainage Works Regulation 73 of the Building (Standards of Sanitary Fitments, Plumbing, Drainage Works and Latrines) Regulations Jan 2024
PNRC 12 Overheight Vehicles - Road Traffic Ordinance, Cap 374 Jan 1990
PNRC 13 Pulverized Fuel Ash in Concrete Sep 2001
PNRC 14 Railway Protection under Railways Ordinance, Mass Transit Railway (Land Resumption and Related Provisions) Ordinance and Area Number 3 of the Scheduled Areas in Schedule 5 to the Buildings Ordinance Dec 2022
PNRC 15 Asbestos Jan 2015
PNRC 17 Control of Environmental Nuisance from Construction Sites Aug 1997
PNRC 19 Change of Address Apr 2019
PNRC 21 Tropical Hardwood Timber Jul 1992
PNRC 22 BAN on Hang-dug Caissons Feb 1995
PNRC 23 Certification of Plant Operators for Lifting Appliances & Lifting Gear Feb 1994
PNRC 24 Metal Refuse Chutes at Construction Sites Aug 1994
PNRC 25 Submission of Certificate of Completion of Building Works and Schedule of Building Materials and Products Feb 2023
PNRC 26 Use of Plastic Sheet to Cover Scaffolding Outside Buildings May 1995
PNRC 27 Design and Construction of Cantilevered Reinforced Concrete Structures Sep 2012
PNRC 29 Lift Shaft Platforms Feb 2011
PNRC 30 Suspended Working Platforms Oct 1995
PNRC 31 Monitoring for Site Safety and Quality Dec 2010
PNRC 32 Display of Site Information Jan 2005
PNRC 33 Testing of Reinforcement for Concrete May 2023
PNRC 34 Code of Practice on Inspection and Maintenance of Water Carrying Services Affecting Slopes Nov 1996
PNRC 36 Maintenance and Replacement Works of Lift Installations Jul 1997
PNRC 37 Sale Offices and Show Flats on Construction Sites Aug 1997
PNRC 38 Registration of General Building Contractors and Specialist Contractors Sep 2020
PNRC 41 Fixing of Reinforcement for Concrete Works Jul 2003
PNRC 42 Submission of Plans and Documents in Electronic Format Mar 2023
PNRC 43 Corruption Prevention Nov 2001
PNRC 46 Site Investigation and Ground Investigation Jun 2021
PNRC 47 Aluminium Windows Feb 2021
PNRC 48 Testing of Building Materials Oct 2001
PNRC 49 Site Auditing for Building Works Apr 2018
PNRC 52 Minor Amendment Works Feb 2023
PNRC 54 Contractor's Sheds Oct 2007
Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation Railway Protection Railways OrdinanceBuildings Ordinance Scheduled Area No. 3
[This practice note is repealed, see PNRC 14 ]
Mar 2005
PNRC 59 Appointment of Authorised Signatory to Act for Registered Contractor and Temporary absence of Authorised Signatories May 2004
PNRC 60 Water seepage Dec 2010
PNRC 61 Protection of natural streams/rivers from adverse impacts arising from construction works May 2005
PNRC 62 Return on Construction Site Employment Statistics Mar 2006
PNRC 63 Quality Control and Supervision of Precast Concrete Construction Apr 2022
PNRC 64 Site Safety Enhancement Aug 2006
PNRC 65 Design and Construction of Run-in and Run-out on Public Road Sep 2006
PNRC 67 Building External Finishes – Wet-fixed Tiles Jul 2021
PNRC 68 Large Metal Gates Apr 2018
PNRC 69 Minor Works Contractors Registration Mar 2023
PNRC 70 Identification of Registered Contractors May 2017
PNRC 71 Minor Works Control System Sep 2021
PNRC 72 Appointment of Authorized Signatory to Act for Prescribed Registered Contractor and Temporary Absence of Authorized Signatories in respect of Minor Works commenced under the Simplified Requirements Dec 2010
PNRC 73 Inspection and Copying of Plans and Documents Jul 2016
PNRC 74 Submissions to the Buildings Department May 2022
PNRC 75 Validation Scheme for Unauthorised Signboards Dec 2020
PNRC 76 Code of Practice for Site Supervision 2009 Dec 2023
PNRC 77 Quality Supervision of Building Works Feb 2021
PNRC 78 Construction Site Safety Pay for Safety Scheme Sep 2017
PNRC 79 Conduct of Registered Contractors under the Buildings Ordinance May 2018
PNRC 80 Conditions and Requirements Imposed under the Buildings Ordinance upon Granting Approval and Consent Sep 2020
PNRC 81 Product Certification System Sep 2021
PNRC 82 Quality of In-situ Reinforced Concrete Works at an Early Age Mar 2022
PNRC 83 Code of Practice for Demolition of Buildings 2004 Oct 2023
PNRC 84 Curtain Wall, Window and Window Wall Feb 2024

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