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Comprehensive Environmental Performance Assessment Scheme for Buildings

To implement the Government's initiative to set up a "green building" label system as a means of using market forces to promote environmentally friendly buildings, the Buildings Department commissioned a consultancy study to devise a system for assessing environmental design and performance of buildings. As a result, the Comprehensive Environmental Performance Assessment Scheme for Buildings (CEPAS) was devised.

8 Performance Categories

CEPAS is a holistic assessment tool for various building types with clear demarcation of the entire building life-cycle, which covers the pre-design, design, construction & demolition and operation stages. The element of sustainability has been built into this assessment scheme. Issues of broader sense of sustainability as well as extending environmental sustainability to social and economic aspects are also integrated into all CEPAS categories and indicators.

Physical Relations of CEPAS Performance Categories

CEPAS is devised to provide a measure to evaluate the environmental performance for all building types in Hong Kong. It is recommended that in using this assessment scheme, reference should also be made to related guidelines promulgated by local and international academia, professional organizations and the Government. The ultimate goal of CEPAS is to create a positive shift on the current environmental performance of buildings in Hong Kong, as well as to keep in line with the global trend of building sustainability.

CEPAS consists of the following parts:

  1. CEPAS Application Guidelines
  2. CEPAS for Pre-design Assessment Manual
  3. CEPAS for Design Assessment Manual
  4. CEPAS for Construction Assessment Manual
  5. CEPAS for Operation Assessment Manual


Stakeholders and organizations in the building industry are welcome to download the manuals for voluntary adoption. We hope the adoption of CEPAS will not only help in improving their building design and performance but also in improving existing assessment schemes or in launching new ones.

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