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Codes, design manuals and guidelines

Technical Guidelines on Minor Works Control System

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Minor Works
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Statutory Procedures for Carrying Out "Minor Works"
Chapter 5 Exempted Building Works ("EBW")
Chapter 6 Designated Exempted Work ("DEW")
Chapter 7 Inspection and Certification of "Prescribed Building or Building Works" (commonly known as "Household Minor Works Validation Scheme")
Chapter 8 Legal Obligations of "Prescribed Registered Contractors"
Chapter 9 Sanctions of "Prescribed Registered Contractors"
Chapter 10 Other Legislations
Chapter 11 Precautionary & Safety Measures
Chapter 12 Insurance Matters
Chapter 13 Other Matters to Note
Chapter 14 Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 15 Enquiries
Appendix I Types of "Minor Works"
Appendix II Items of "Minor Works"
Appendix III "Prescribed Registered Contractors" to be Appointed for Carrying Out "Minor Works"
Appendix IV Checklist of Specified Forms & Standard Forms
Appendix V Samples of Some Specified Forms
Appendix VI Preferred Colours for Colouring of Plans
Appendix VII
Appendix VIII Occupational Safety and Health in "Minor Works" - Advice from the Labour Department
Appendix IX Recommended Steps for Contractors who Intended to Carry Out "Minor Works" ("MW")
Appendix X Window or Window Wall Acting as a Protective Barrier
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