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Building Maintenance Guidebook

Building Maintenance Guidebook - Appendix

An English-Chinese Glossary of Terms & Index
Useful Contacts
List of Related Legislations, Codes of Practice & Design Manuals
Samples of "Statutory Order and Direction" Issuedby the Buildings Department
Useful Information for Building Management
Building Safety Loan Scheme
Slopes and Retaining Walls
Maintenance Requirements and Information on Electrical Installations, Lifts & Escalators and Gas Risers Installations
Cantilevered Canopy and Balcony
"Guide on Erection & Maintenance of Advertising Signs"
"Guidelines for the Removal of Typical Unauthorised Building Worksand General Maintenance of External Walls"
"Concise Case Study on Site Accidents"
"Safety Handbook for Site Workers"
"Asbestos Removal of Unauthorised Building Works"
"A Concise Guide to the Noise Control Ordinance"
"How to Apply for a Construction Noise Permit"
"Code of Practice on Building Management and Maintenance"
"How to Form an Owners' Corporation and Achieve Effective Building Management"
"Building Management"
Sample Documents for General Maintenance Works Contract
Sample Cases of the Scope of Services of Building Professionals in Carryingout Building Inspections, Assessment and Supervision of MaintenanceWorks and the Fee Scale
Sample of "Invitation Letter for Submission of Fee Proposal for Comprehensive Condition Survey"
Sample of "Invitation Letter for Submission of Fee Proposal for Acting as a Project Consultant for Maintenance and Improvement Works"
Cost Reference for General Maintenance Works
Channels for Complaining against Unsatisfactory Performance of Contractors
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