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Minor Works Items

Minor Works Item - 3.34

Minor works items - 3.34

Item details

Minor Works Item - 3.34
Item no. 3.34
Item class/type Class III TypeAE
Nature of works Strengthening
Scope of works The works involve any unauthorised supporting structure for an air-conditioning unit, water cooling tower or any associated duct
Location of the structure Located on-grade or on a slab (other than a cantilevered slab)
The structure is designed for Weight of the air-conditioning unit/ water cooling tower not more than 100kg

Submission procedure

Owner or their agent

Appoint and Prescribed Registered Contractor (Class III of Type A, E)

Search for Eligible Professionals/Contractors online

Prescribed Registered Contractors

Submit MW05 - Notice of Commencement, documents, photos within 14 days after completion of work

MW05 formSee sample