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Measures to Support the Construction Sector

The Government obtained funding approval from the Legislative Council Finance Committee on 18 April 2020 for second round relief measures to help construction industry tide over the hard time brought by the pandemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019.

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) will assist the Government to disburse subsidies to eligible applicants related to the construction sector. To simplify and expedite the application process, eligible applicants for second-round relief measures who have received subsidies through the CIC under the first-round measures will each receive the $7,500 subsidy in May 2020 without the need to submit applications. For other eligible individuals and enterprises, including the registered minor works contractors (Company), registered minor works contractors (Individual) and registered inspectors, the CIC is now gearing up, aiming at starting to invite applications and to disburse subsidies under the second round in May and June 2020 respectively. You may wish to stay tuned of CIC’s public announcements.

If you have any enquiries, please contact CIC at tel. no. 3199 7377.