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Minor Works Items

Minor Works Item - 2.22

Minor works items - 2.22

Item details

Minor Works Item - 2.22
Item no. 2.22
Item class/type Class II TypeC
Nature of works Erection/Alteration
Location of signboard Outdoor signboard together with a spread footing
The display area of the signboard Not more than 1m2
The thickness of the signboard Not more than 300mm
The distance between any part of the signboard and the ground Not more than 3m
The works involve an excavation of a depth for construction of the footing Not more than 500mm

Submission procedure

Owner or their agent

Appoint Prescribed Registered Contractor (Class II of Type C)

Search for Eligible Professionals/Contractors online

Prescribed Registered Contractors

Submit MW03 - Notice of Commencement, documents, photos 7 days before commencement of work

MW03 formSee sample

Prescribed Registered Contractors

Submit MW04 - Certificate of Completion, documents, photos within 14 days after completion of work

MW04 formSee sample