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Minor Works Items

Minor Works Item - 1.41

Minor works items - 1.41

Class I TypeA
MW01 MW02

Item details

Minor Works Item - 1.41
Item no. 1.41
Item class/type Class I TypeA
Nature of works Erection of any non-load bearing block wall, laying of any solid floor screeding, or erection or alteration of any aboveground drain in a domestic flat
Result in any additional load to any cantilevered slab No
The works involve an increase in the number of suites (i.e. places equipped with lavatories/other sanitary fitments and used for sleeping) Yes
  1. Upon completion of works, the number of suites is greater than that shown on the approved plan; and
  2. 3 or more of the suites were built as a result of the works

Submission procedure

Owner or their agent

Appoint Prescribed Building Professional and Prescribed Registered Contractor (Class I of Type A)

Search for Eligible Professionals/Contractors online

Prescribed Building Professionals

Submit MW01 - Notice of Commencement, documents, photos 7 days before commencement of work

MW01 formSee sample

Prescribed Building Professionals

Submit MW02 - Certificate of Completion, documents, photos within 14 days after completion of work

MW02 formSee sample