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Minor Works Items

Minor Works Item - 2.17

Minor works items - 2.17

Item details

Minor Works Item - 2.17
Item no. 2.17
Item class/type Class II TypeAB
Nature of works Repair
Structural members including Any column, load bearing wall, slab or beam, or of any concrete projection from the structural members
Result in any additional load to any cantilevered slab No
In accordance with the original design Yes
The works involve any recasting or replacement of any structural elements No
The works involve any dismantling of the whole of the floor or roof No
The works involve the removal of core from the structural member or concrete projection by drilling No
If the work involve a concrete projection
  1. the thickness of the projection is not more than 125mm; and
  2. the projection does not project more than 150mm from the structural member

Submission procedure

Owner or their agent

Appoint Prescribed Registered Contractor (Class II of Type A, B)

Search for Eligible Professionals/Contractors online

Prescribed Registered Contractors

Submit MW03 - Notice of Commencement, documents, photos 7 days before commencement of work

MW03 formSee sample

Prescribed Registered Contractors

Submit MW04 - Certificate of Completion, documents, photos within 14 days after completion of work

MW04 formSee sample