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Licensing Advisory Services



Child care centre

Child care centre

Buildings Department (BD) advises licensing authorities from building safety point of view on the suitability of premises for uses in respect of the following:

Type of Licence / Permit / Certificate Licensing Authority
Food Business
  • Restaurant
  • Factory Canteen
  • Cold Store
  • Bakery
  • Food Factory
  • Fresh Provision Shop
  • Milk Factory
  • Frozen Confection Factory
  • Siu Mei & Lo Mei Shop
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD)
Non-purpose Built School and Kindergarten Education Bureau (EDB)
Child Care Centre Social Welfare Department (SWD)
Place of Public Entertainment FEHD
Place of Amusement
  • Billiard Establishment
  • Public Bowling-alley
  • Public Skating Rink
Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD)
Karaoke Establishment FEHD
Liquor Liquor Licensing Board
Oil Storage Installation BD
Drug Dependent Persons Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre SWD
Private Columbaria Private Columbaria Affairs Office of FEHD
  • Swimming Pool, Commercial Bathhouse, Offensive Trade, Funeral Parlour and Undertaker of Burials
  • Public Dance Hall, Amusement Game Centre, Mahjong and Tin Kau Establishment
  • Massage Establishment

In processing food business and places of public entertainment licence applications, BD has adopted streamlined procedures which rely to a great extent upon self-regulation of authorized persons and registered structural engineers in certifying compliance with building safety requirements.

Regarding processing time of the BD, please refer to the working targets for different types of applications .

Licence Fees for Oil Storage Installations

BD licenses oil storage installations and the licence fees are:

Description of Services Prescribed Fee (HK$)
Issue of oil storage installation licence for a period of 12 months $47,000
Renewal of oil storage installation licence for a period of 12 months $30,300

Frequently Asked Question

Doors should be installed with smoke seals under Clauses C6.1 and C16.5 of the Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings 2011 (FS Code) which has come into effect since 1 April 2012. Such provision usually applies to the entrance doors of licensed premises which form part of a protected lobby of a required staircase or doors forming part of a protected lobby of a kitchen. In addition, reference should be made to the prevailing requirements in Clause E9.1 of the FS Code.

As the subject matters relate to the application of the FS Code, it is strongly advised that the service of an Authorized Person (AP) (an architect, engineer or surveyor registered under the Buildings Ordinance) should be enlisted at the early stage to avoid unnecessary waste of time and efforts resulting from unsuccessful applications.

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