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Building Safety Loan Scheme

Individual owners may apply for loans to carry out maintenance and repair works to reinstate or improve the safety conditions of their buildings and/or private slopes voluntarily, or in compliance with statutory orders, including:

  • Building and slope repairs
  • Maintenance and upgrading works on the following:
    • Fire Services installations
    • Lift installation
    • Electrical installation
    • Gas Risers
    • Drainage pipes, water supply pipes and communal pipes for disposal of condensate from air-conditioners
  • Regular slope maintenance works
  • Removal of unauthorised building works
Building Safety Loan Scheme

Who can apply?

The applicant must be the owner of a private building, be it a domestic, composite, commercial or industrial building.

At present, owners' corporations are not empowered to borrow loans from the Building Safety Loan Scheme. Owners should submit applications for loans on an individual basis.

In case the maintenance works relating to the loan application is coordinated by the owners' corporation of the building or the resident organisation concerned which is willing to help provide the necessary documents (e.g., works contract / tender, minutes and notice of the owners' meetings and copy of the repair order / investigation order), the Buildings Department will directly contact the owners' corporation or the resident organisation for access to the documents. Under these circumstances, the applicant is not required to submit such documents.

How to apply?

To apply for loans, simply download and submit the completed application form together with all necessary documents to us.

Download Revision Date
Application form Oct 2018
Application Guideline Oct 2018
UBW Removal Application Form Aug 2017
Frequently Asked Question Nov 2018

Further Enquiry

Building Safety Loan Scheme Unit of the Buildings Department


2626 1579


2398 3929

Mailing Address

Building Safety Loan Scheme Unit, Buildings Department, Units 3901-13, Level 39, Tower 1, Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Fong, New Territories

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