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Quick Guides for e-Forms

Major Features of e-Forms

1. Buttons on the Top Right Corner

Buttons on the Top Right Corner

You can use the following buttons for different purposes:

Download DraftFor mobile form user to retrieve the draft data from BD server within 24 hours.
PrintPrint the form
ResetClear the data typed into the form (Remarks: digitally-signed forms cannot use this function)
SaveSave this form with inputted data. A Save-as dialog box will be displayed to save the form. You may save the form using different filename / folder.
SubmitSubmit the PDF form electronically.

2. Validation

To ensure the completeness and correctness of the e-Form, most e-Forms have validations to check the inputted data against validation rules; or check if mandatory fields are already filled before the form is electronically submitted through Submit button:

e-Forms Validation

e-Forms Validation

Remarks: for clarity of the message, only first 8 items of missing mandatory fields will be displayed on the message box.

3. Auto-complete

Some forms which address on a subject building (e.g. Minor Works forms, Signboard forms, Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme forms, Building Information Centre forms) have auto-complete feature for faster address input on computer.

When public users enter characters to Street/Village box or Building/Estate box, the PDF form will connect to BD server to search for candidate entries for them to select. When they select a candidate entry, other parts of address will be filled according to BD's record.


Please note

  • This feature requires internet connection.
    Internet connection Sometimes a yellow notification bar is displayed for trusting the PDF form before performing auto-complete search. Follow Adobe Reader's (or Acrobat's) instruction to trust the PDF form first. This may involve saving the form.
  • Corresponding addresses and addresses other than subject building on the forms do not have such feature.
  • No auto-complete feature on mobile version.