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Guidelines on Design and Construction Requirements for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings 2014
3.62MB Not Available
General Guidelines on Minor Works Control System
36.6MB Not Available
Technical Guidelines on Minor Works Control System
32.6MB Not Available
Practice Guidebook for Adaptive Re-use of and Alteration and Addition Works to Heritage Buildings 2012 (2017 Edition)
10.9MB Not Available
Guidelines on the Design and Construction of Bamboo Scaffolds
0.48MB For Sale
The Buildings Department's Internal Guidelines on Imposition of a Surcharge on Works carried out in default of Owners (Defaulted Works) under the Buildings Ordinance (BO) - A Summary
0.02MB For Sale
Extract of Buildings Department's Internal Guidelines on Prioritisation of Actionable Unauthorised Building Works on Rooftops, Flat Roofs, Yards, Lanes and Basements of Buildings
0.04MB For Sale
Guidelines on Maintenance and Repair of Drainage System and Sanitary Fitments
0.55MB For Sale
Guide on Erection & Maintenance of Advertising Signs
0.32MB For Sale
Guidelines for Identification of Abandoned or Dangerous Signboards
0.15MB For Sale
Building Maintenance Guidebook
18.7MB Not Available
Introductory Guide on Greening in Buildings
3.82MB Not Available

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