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Financial assistance

Community Care Fund - Subsidy for Owners' Corporations of Old Buildings (Phase III)

  • It is the responsibility of property owners to manage their buildings. To enhance the support for owners’ corporations (OCs) of old buildings with a view to encouraging the formation of more OCs and promoting better building management, the Community Care Fund (CCF) had launched a programme to provide subsidy to eligible OCs of old buildings (the Programme).
  • The Programme has relieved the burden relating to the daily operating expenses of the OCs of old buildings effectively and helped them comply with the relevant legislative requirements. The CCF rolls out Phase III of the Programme from 1 October 2018. Two enhancement measures are implemented under Phase III of the Programme, including raising the limit on the annual average rateable value of residential units and raising the maximum amount of total subsidy in the implementation period for each OC, so as to benefit more OCs in need.

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