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Special work arrangement of New Buildings Divisions of Buildings Department in 2020

Notice to Registered Building Professionals and Registered Contractors Work Arrangement of New Buildings Divisions of Buildings Department from 28 September 2020

The Buildings Department (BD) resumed normal public services from 15 September 2020 while continuing to implement targeted measures to reduce social contact and apply infection control measures. Notwithstanding this, you may continue to adopt the following measures as they are conducive to reducing social contact and facilitating processing of your statutory submissions to the NBDs.

Statutory Submissions

  1. To send a hyperlink for access to the soft copy of all the documents (plans, calculations, reports, etc.) to BD case officer via his/her office email address or provide a DVD-ROM disc containing the soft copy of these documents.
  2. To liaise with BD case senior officer and/or case officer for conducting case discussions via video conferencing.
  3. To take back the plans/calculations to your office for amendments by collecting them at NBDs' office lift lobby and remind your representative not to stay at the lift lobby for too long.
  4. To follow the established practice to make arrangement with BD case officer for making necessary amendments/supplements to the submission to facilitate obtaining approval or to follow up the minor non-fundamental deficiencies listed in the approval letter in subsequent amendment submission together with the application for consent to the commencement of the building works concerned for BD’s concurrent processing.

Site Inspections

  1. To liaise with BD case senior officer and/or case officer to explore other means for conducting site inspection (other than OP inspection) such as video telephony supplemented with video record in DVD-ROM disc, if appropriate.
  2. To submit proposal on witnessing proof load test by HOKLAS accredited laboratory with video recording taken by RSE's TCP for BD to consider on case-by-case basis.

Buildings Department

28 September 2020