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Building Owners & Owner's Corporations

Reminder for Person who Arranged the Minor Works to be Carried Out (PAW)(owners or owner's agents)

1. Appoint Eligible Professionals / Contractors

Appoint a Prescribed Building Professional (PBP) and/or Prescribed Registered Contractor (PRC) to carry out minor works under the simplified requirement.

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For details, please see Persons Eligible to be Appointed.

2. Provide Information of "PAW"

Personal particulars and contact information of the PAW must be provided in the specified form to be submitted to the BD. The PAW may be the owner, occupant, Owners Corporation, property management company, prescribed building professional or prescribed registered contractor, etc.

3. Observe Deed of Mutual Covenant

When the "minor works" are to be carried out on common parts of a building, the PAW or his appointed personnel (i.e. the "prescribed building professional" or "prescribed registered contractor") is strongly recommended to consult the co-owners, the Owners Corporation and/or the property management company (where applicable) before the commencement of works. Civil liabilities under the Deed of Mutual Covenant should be noted.