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Building Safety Loan Scheme

Building Safety Loan Scheme provides loans to individual owners of private buildings who may wish to obtain financial assistance in carrying out maintenance and repair works to reinstate or improve the safety conditions of their buildings and/or private slopes. Individual owners may apply for loans from the Director of Buildings to carry out such works voluntarily, or in compliance with statutory orders, including building and slope repairs, maintenance and upgrading works on fire services installations, lift installation, electrical installation and gas risers, regular slope maintenance works and removal of unauthorised building works.

Building Safety Loan Scheme

Are you in the dilemma of trying to carry out maintenance and repair works for your buildings, yet troubled by financial burden? Apply for the Building Safety Loan Scheme to obtain loans for improving the safety of your buildings and/or private slopes. Simply get the application form from below.

Special Notice
Relocation Notice
Please be informed that the Building Safety Loan Scheme Unit of the Buildings Department will be relocated to the following address with effect from 15 June 2015 (Monday):

Units 3901-13, Level 39, Tower 1, Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Fong, New Territories
2626 1834
2398 3929
Description Revision Date Document Format
Guidance notes for Loan Application 6/2016   | pdf
Application form 7/2015   | pdf
UBW Removal Application Form 9/2016   | pdf
Frequently Asked Questions 9/2016   | pdf

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