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Practice Notes for Authorized Persons, Registered Structural Engineers and Registered Geotechnical Engineers

e-Briefcase With a view to facilitating easy reference by all concerned, we have re-categorized the extant PNAPs according to the nature of their contents. A consolidated version of all PNAPs may be downloaded from the e-Briefcase.

Part A - Administration

PNAP No. Title Date of Current Issue Previous Reference Signed Copy Obsolete Versions#
ADM-1 Practice Notes in Force Aug 2009 PNAP 1   zip file
ADM-2 Centralized Processing of Building Plans May 2011 PNAP 30   zip file
ADM-3 Emergency Situations - Telephone Numbers for Use Outside Office Hours Aug 2007 PNAP 34   zip file
ADM-4 Priority Mar 2005 PNAP 40   zip file
ADM-5 Submissions to the Buildings Department Apr 2016 PNAP 58   zip file
ADM-6 Computer Programs for Use in Structural and Geotechnical Design Jun 2016 PNAP 79   zip file
ADM-7 Geotechnical Information Unit May 1995 PNAP 104   under
ADM-8 Structural Design Information Jul 2016 PNAP 121   zip file
ADM-9 Colouring of Plans Aug 2015 PNAP 127   zip file
ADM-10 Imaging Standards for Plans Oct 2013 PNAP 135   zip file
ADM-11 Change of Address Dec 2005 PNAP 152   zip file
ADM-12 Submission of Record Plans for Alteration and Addition Works - Building (Administration) Regulation 46 Mar 1998 PNAP 154   zip file
ADM-13 Monitoring for Site Safety and Quality Dec 2010 PNAP 186   zip file
ADM-14 Minor Amendments to Plans and Specified Forms Nov 2010 PNAP 190   zip file
ADM-15 Submission of Site Formation Proposals Feb 2012 PNAP 200   zip file
ADM-16 Ground Investigation Works in Scheduled Areas - Approval and Consent Feb 2006 PNAP 225   zip file
ADM-17 Submission of Documents in Electronic Format Jul 2016 PNAP 240   zip file
ADM-18 Site Auditing for Building Works Feb 2016 PNAP 254    zip file
ADM-19 Building Approval Process (Sample Concept Drawings in MS PowerPoint slide show ( 7.19MB )) Feb 2016 PNAP 272   zip file
ADM-20 Central Data Bank (CDB) Jan 2005 PNAP 292   --

Download PNAP Part A - Administration (ADM-1 to ADM-20) (4.50 MB zip file)

Part B - Application of the Buildings Ordinance and Regulations

PNAP No. Title Date of Current Issue Previous Reference Signed Copy Obsolete Versions#
APP-1 Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation) Ordinance, Cap. 7, Demolished Buildings (Re-development of Sites) Ordinance, Cap. 337 Mar 1994 PNAP 11   zip file
APP-2 Calculation of Gross Floor Area and Non-accountable Gross Floor Area - Building (Planning) Regulation 23(3)(a) and (b) Sep 2016 PNAP 13   zip file
APP-3 Nomination of an Authorized Person, Registered Structural Engineer or Registered Geotechnical Engineer to act instead Dec 2010 PNAP 14   zip file
APP-4 Water Supply and Wells Dec 2005 PNAP 17   zip file
APP-5 Height of Storeys - Building (Planning) Regulations 3(3) and 24 May 1994 PNAP 27   zip file
APP-6 Shops and Department Stores - Building (Standards of Sanitary Fitments, Plumbing, Drainage Works and Latrines) Regulation 5
[This practice note has been repealed on 14 December 2015.]
Jan 1990 PNAP 41 -- zip file
APP-7 Application for Registration as Authorized Persons, Registered Structural Engineers, Registered Geotechnical Engineers and Registered Inspectors Dec 2011 PNAP 43   zip file
APP-8 Chimneys and Flues Jul 1994 PNAP 45   under
APP-9 Country Parks Ordinance, Cap. 208 - Buildings Ordinance section 16(1)(d) Jan 1990 PNAP 47   under
APP-10 Oil Storage Installations - Building (Oil Storage Installations) Regulations Aug 2007 PNAP 48   zip file
APP-11 Street Improvement Schemes - Submission of Building Plans in respect of Lots affected thereby Jan 1990 PNAP 49   zip file
APP-12 Prestressed Ground Anchors in Building Works Jan 1999 PNAP 50   zip file
APP-13 Submission of Certificate of Completion of Building Works Application for Occupation Permit (OP) and Submission of Record Plans and Information Sep 2013 PNAP 53   (Schedule)
Word File Format
zip file
APP-14 Cinemas and Other Places of Public Entertainment in Non-domestic Buildings or Composite Buildings Apr 2010 PNAP 54   zip file
APP-15 Site Formation - Temporary or Permanent Filling Work Dec 2005 PNAP 55   zip file
APP-16 Cladding Works Oct 2012 PNAP 59   zip file
APP-17 Rock Faces - Building (Planning) Regulations 27 and 47 Dec 1996 PNAP 61   zip file
APP-18 Pile Foundations Feb 2012 PNAP 66   zip file
APP-19 Projections in relation to Site Coverage and Plot Ratio Building (Planning) Regulations 20 & 21 Sep 2014 PNAP 68   zip file
APP-20 Building Proposals affected by Street Widening - Building (Planning) Regulation 22(2) Dec 2008 PNAP 70   zip file
APP-21 Demolition Works - Measures for Public Safety Dec 2005 PNAP 71   zip file
APP-22 Dewatering in Foundation and Basement Excavation Works May 1994 PNAP 74   under
APP-23 Hoardings, Covered Walkways and Gantries (including Temporary Access for Construction Vehicles) - Part IX of Building (Planning) Regulations Nov 2013 PNAP 75   zip file
APP-24 Railway Protection Railways Ordinance Mass Transit Railway (Land Resumption and Related Provisions) Ordinance Area Number 3 of the Scheduled Areas in Schedule 5, Buildings Ordinance, Cap 123 May 2013 PNAP 77   zip file
APP-25 Requirements for a Geotechnical Assessment at General Building Plan Stage - Building (Administration) Regulation 8(1)(ba) Apr 2015 PNAP 78   zip file
APP-26 Pouring of Concrete against Walls of Adjoining Buildings May 1994 PNAP 81   under
APP-27 Gas Water Heaters Regulation 35A of Building (Planning) Regulations May 2014 PNAP 82   zip file
APP-28 Requirements for Qualified Supervision of Site Formation Works, Excavation Works, Foundation Works on Sloping Ground, and Ground Investigation Works in the Scheduled Areas - Buildings Ordinance section 17 Dec 1997 PNAP 83   zip file
APP-29 Lift and Escalator Installations Aug 2015 PNAP 84   zip file
APP-30 Development in Mid-levels Scheduled Area - Buildings Ordinance section 2(1), Building (Administration) Regulation 8(1)(bb)(vii) and 8(1)(1) Dec 2005 PNAP 85   zip file
APP-31 Permanent Water Supply to Fire Service Installations - Buildings Ordinance section 21(6)(d) May 1994 PNAP 87   zip file
APP-32 Hong Kong Airport(Control of Obstructions) Ordinance, Cap 301 Jul 1998 PNAP 88   under
APP-33 Pulverised Fuel Ash in Concrete Sep 2001 PNAP 90   zip file
APP-34 Structural Design of Bridges and Associated Highway Structures May 1995 PNAP 92   under
APP-35 Refuse Storage and Collection - Building (Refuse Storage and Material Recovery Chambers and Refuse Chutes) Regulations Aug 2008 PNAP 98   zip file
APP-36 Industrial Buildings - Occupancy and Related Matters - Determinations by the Commissioner for Labour - Building (Standards of Sanitary Fitments, Plumbing, Drainage Works and Latrines) Regulation 5(5)
[This practice note has been repealed on 14 December 2015.]
Feb 1993 PNAP 100 -- zip file
APP-37 Curtain Wall, Window and Window Wall Systems May 2012 PNAP 106   zip file
APP-38 Bridges over Streets and Lanes - Buildings Ordinance section 31(1) April 2011 PNAP 107   zip file
APP-39 Inspection and Copying of Plans and Documents Jul 2016
PNAP 110   zip file
APP-40 Hotel Development Aug 2004 PNAP 111   zip file
APP-41 Buildings to be Planned for Use by Persons with a Disability - Regulation 72 of Building (Planning) Regulations Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 2008 Sep 2015 PNAP 112   zip file
APP-42 Amenity Features Jan 2013 PNAP 116   zip file
APP-43 Licensing of Child Care Centres, Kindergartens and Restaurants Aug 1996 PNAP 117   under
APP-44 Streets in relation to Site Area - Building (Planning) Regulation 23(2)(a) Jan 1990 PNAP 118   under
APP-45 Testing of Reinforcement for Concrete Mar 1996 PNAP 122   under
APP-46 Pollution from Industrial Buildings - Building (Standards of Sanitary Fitments, Plumbing, Drainage Works and Latrines) Regulation 90 Mar 1992 PNAP 124   zip file
APP-47 Unauthorized Alterations and Additions - Buildings Ordinance section 14 Dec 2010 PNAP 125   zip file
APP-48 Requirements for Qualified Supervision of Structural Works, Foundation Works and Excavation Works - Buildings Ordinance section 17 Dec 2005 PNAP 131   zip file
APP-49 Site Investigation and Ground Investigation Feb 2006 PNAP 132   zip file
APP-50 Temporary Buildings - Building (Planning) Regulations 50-52 Mar 1994 PNAP 133   under
APP-51 Monitoring and Maintenance of Horizontal Drains Nov 1990 PNAP 137   --
APP-52 Supply of Plans to Registered General Building Contractors, Registered Specialist Contractors and Registered Minor Works Contractors - Regulation 36 of the Building (Administration) Regulations and Section 55 of the Building (Minor Works) Regulation Dec 2010 PNAP 139   zip file
APP-53 Building (Construction) Regulations Jul 2016 PNAP 140   zip file
APP-54 Retaining Walls - Building (Construction) Regulations 1992 - Part XIII Apr 1998 PNAP 142   under
APP-55 Procedure for Payment of Fees on Submission of Plans Regulation 42 of the Building (Administration) Regulations Nov 2014 PNAP 143   zip file
APP-56 Exemption Criteria for Site Formation Works associated with Exempted Building Works in the New Territories Feb 1997 PNAP 147   under
APP-57 Requirements for an Excavation and Lateral Support Plan - Building (Administration) Regulation 8(1)(bc) Feb 2012 PNAP 148   zip file
APP-58 Testing of Drainage Works - Building (Standards of Sanitary Fitments, Plumbing, Drainage Works & Latrines) Regulation 73 Apr 1993 PNAP 157   --
APP-59 BAN on Hand-dug Caissons Feb 1995 PNAP 158   under
APP-60 Buildings Ordinance, Cap 123 - Specified Forms Jul 2016 PNAP 159   zip file
APP-61 Development in Area Numbers 2 & 4 of the Scheduled Areas Dec 2005 PNAP 161   zip file
APP-62 Sewage Tunnel Works Sewage Tunnels (Statutory Easements) Ordinance Section 17A and Area Number 5 of the Scheduled Areas in Schedule 5, Buildings Ordinance, Cap 123 May 2013 PNAP 165   zip file
APP-63 GEOGUIDE 1 (Second Edition) - Guide to Retaining Wall Design Jun 1995 PNAP 166   under
APP-64 Methods for Testing Hong Kong Soils (GEOSPEC 3 - Model Specification for Soil Testing) Dec 2005 PNAP 167   zip file
APP-65 Natural Lighting to Staircases - Building (Planning) Regulation 40 Mar 2003 PNAP 169   zip file
APP-66 Metal Refuse Chutes at Construction Sites Aug 1994 PNAP 170   --
APP-67 Energy Efficiency of Buildings - Building (Energy Efficiency) Regulation Apr 2016 PNAP 172   zip file
APP-68 Design and Construction of Cantilevered Reinforced Concrete Structures Sep 2012 PNAP 173   zip file
APP-69 Conservation of Historic Buildings Jan 2016 PNAP 175   zip file
APP-70 Use of Plastic Sheet to Cover Scaffolding Outside Buildings May 1995 PNAP 176   --
APP-71 Underground Cavern Development Apr 1995 PNAP 177   --
APP-72 Control of Blasting Apr 2007 PNAP 178   zip file
APP-73 Service Lanes Apr 2011 PNAP 179   zip file
APP-74 Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Reinforced Concrete Structures Apr 1995 PNAP 180   --
APP-75 Building (Planning) Regulations 41A, 41B and 41C - Means of Access for Firefighting and Rescue in Buildings May 1995 PNAP 182   --
APP-76 Keeping Buried Services out of Slopes Jun 1995 PNAP 183   --
APP-77 Code of Practice for the Structural Use of Concrete 1987
[This practice note is repealed.]
May 2003 PNAP 187 -- zip file
APP-78 Occupation of New Buildings - Buildings Ordinance section 21 Aug 1996 PNAP 188   under
APP-79 GEOGUIDE 5 - Guide to Slope Maintenance Apr 1999 PNAP 189   --
APP-80 Code of Practice for Fire Resisting Construction 1996 Apr 1996 PNAP 192   --
APP-81 Places of Public Entertainment (Amendment) Regulation 1996 and Associated Legislative Amendments Jun 1996 PNAP 194   --
APP-82 Code of Practice for the Provision of Means of Escape in Case of Fire 1996
Jun 1996 PNAP 195   --
APP-83 Amendments and clarification to Code of Practice for Fire Resisting Construction 1996 Nov 2012 PNAP 199   zip file
APP-84 Access Facilities for Telecommunications and Broadcasting Services Jun 2006 PNAP 201   zip file
APP-85 Application of the Revised Fire Safety Codes Oct 1996 PNAP 202   --
APP-86 Non-loadbearing Partition Walls Oct 1996 PNAP 203   --
APP-87 Guide to Fire Engineering Approach Mar 1998 PNAP 204   --
APP-88 Code of Practice on Inspection and Maintenance of Water Carrying Services Affecting Slopes Nov 1996 PNAP 205   --
APP-89 Provision of Better Lift Service Jan 2013 PNAP 207   zip file
APP-90 Buildings Ordinance section 18(6) - Authority to Enter Buildings Jun 1997 PNAP 208   --
APP-91 Maintenance and Replacement Works of Lift Installations Jul 1997 PNAP 209   --
APP-92 Amendments and Clarification to Code of Practice for the Provision of Means of Escape in Case of Fire 1996 Aug 1997 PNAP 210   --
APP-93 Planning and Design of Drainage Works May 2014 PNAP 211   zip file
APP-94 Fire Safety (Commercial Premises) Ordinance, Cap 502 Oct 2010 PNAP 212   zip file
APP-95 Sale Offices and Show Flats on Construction Sites Aug 1997 PNAP 213   --
APP-96 Registration of General Building Contractors and Specialist Contractors Sep 2013 PNAP 214   zip file
APP-97 Consent Procedures for Building Works and Street Works Dec 2005 PNAP 215   zip file
APP-98 Lighting and Ventilation for Bathrooms and Lavatories in Domestic Buildings Jun 2013 PNAP 219   zip file
APP-99 Flushing Volume for Flushing Cisterns Feb 2012 PNAP 220   zip file
APP-100 Structural Plans of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Water Tanks Dec 2010 PNAP 222   zip file
APP-101 Podium Height Restriction under Building (Planning) Regulation 20(3) Apr 1998 PNAP 223   --
APP-102 Superstructure Works Measures for Public Safety Dec 2010 PNAP 224   zip file
APP-103 Structures On Grade on Newly Reclaimed Land Apr 1999 PNAP 227   --
APP-104 Exclusion of Floor Areas for Recreational Use Jan 2011 PNAP 229   zip file
APP-105 Water Seepage Dec 2010 PNAP 230   zip file
APP-106 Fire Resisting Construction - Kitchens in Restaurants Oct 1998 PNAP 231   --
APP-107 Precautionary Measures for Construction Sites Dec 1998 PNAP 232   --
APP-108 Dedication of Land / Area for Use as Public Passage Jun 2003 PNAP 233   zip file
APP-109 Geotechnical Manual for Slopes - Guidance on Interpretation and Updating Jun 1999 PNAP 234   --
APP-110 Protective Barriers Apr 2015 PNAP 235   zip file
APP-111 Design of Car Parks and Loading / Unloading Facilities Jan 2011 PNAP 236   zip file
APP-112 Disposal of Condensation from Air-Conditioning Units Mar 2000 PNAP 238   --
APP-113 Lighting and Ventilation of Rooms Used for Habitation or as an Office or Kitchen
[This practice note is repealed, see APP-130.]
Sep 2001 PNAP 241 -- zip file
APP-114 Waste Minimization - Provision of Fitments and Fittings in New Buildings Dec 2000 PNAP 245   under
APP-115 Performance Review - Item 6(g)(ii) in Column B, Section 17(1) of the Buildings Ordinance Dec 2005 PNAP 246   zip file
APP-116 Aluminium Windows Mar 2006 PNAP 248   zip file
APP-117 Structural Requirements for Alteration and Addition Works in Existing Buildings Dec 2000 PNAP 249   --
APP-118 Testing of Building Materials May 2012 PNAP 251   zip file
APP-119 Stair-well and Open Wells In School and Other Buildings Used by Youngsters May 2001 PNAP 253   --
APP-120 Concrete Batching Plant Mar 2002 PNAP 255   --
APP-121 Amendment to Code of Practice for Provision of Means of Escape in Case of Fire 1996 (MOE Code) Jun 2001 PNAP 257   --
APP-122 Provision of Sky Garden in Refuge Floor Sep 2010 PNAP 258   zip file
APP-123 Alternative Designs – Paragraph 12.3 of the Code of Practice for Fire Resistance Construction 1996 (FRC Code) Oct 2001 PNAP 260   --
APP-124 Streets for Site Classification Nov 2005 PNAP 263   zip file
APP-125 Level Difference for Floor Adjoining External Ground Level or Flat Roof Jan 2005 PNAP 266   zip file
APP-126 Erection of Signboards Sep 2013 PNAP 269   zip file
APP-127 Contractor’s Sheds Oct 2007 PNAP 273   zip file
APP-128 Geotechnical Design Information Dec 2005 PNAP 274   zip file
APP-129 Use of Recycled Aggregates in Concrete Feb 2003 PNAP 275   --
APP-130 Lighting and Ventilation Requirements – Performance-based Approach Feb 2015 PNAP 278   zip file
APP-131 Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation Railway Protection - Railways Ordinance Buildings Ordinance Scheduled Area No.3
[This practice note is repealed, see APP-24.]
Dec 2005 PNAP 279 -- zip file
APP-132 Site Coverage and Open Space Provision Dec 2012 PNAP 280   under
APP-133 Cast Iron Pipes for Drainage Works Nov 2003 PNAP 282   --
APP-134 Development in the Designated Area of Northshore Lantau Feb 2006 PNAP 283   zip file
APP-135 Quality Supervision of Soil Nailing Works Feb 2006 PNAP 284   zip file
APP-136 Building (Planning) Regulation 41D - Emergency Vehicular Access Jul 2006 PNAP 288   zip file
APP-137 Ground-borne Vibrations and Ground Settlements Arising from Pile Driving and Similar Operations Feb 2012 PNAP 289   zip file
APP-138 Appointment of Authorised Signatory to Act for Registered Contractor and Temporary absence of Authorised Signatories May 2004 PNAP 290   --
APP-139 Code of Practice on Wind Effects in Hong Kong 2004 Dec 2004 PNAP 291   --
APP-140 Registration of Authorized Persons and Registered Structural Engineers as Registered Geotechnical Engineers Dec 2004 PNAP 293   --
APP-141 Division of Responsibilities between Authorized Person, Registered Structural Engineer and Registered Geotechnical Engineer Feb 2009 PNAP 294   zip file
APP-142 Code of Practice for Structural Use of Concrete 2004 Jun 2007 PNAP 296   --
APP-143 Quality Control and Supervision of Precast Concrete Construction Jul 2012 PNAP 299   zip file
APP-144 Design and Construction of Run-in and Run-out on Public Road Sep 2006 PNAP 300   --
APP-145 Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance Cap. 572 Oct 2010 PNAP 302   zip file
APP-146 Large Metal Gates Dec 2010 PNAP 304   zip file
APP-147 Minor Works Control System Jun 2012 --   zip file
APP-148 Minor Works Contractors Registration Dec 2010 --   --
APP-149 Appointment of Authorized Signatory to Act for Prescribed Registered Contractor and Temporary Absence of Authorized Signatories in respect of Minor Works commenced under the Simplified Requirements Dec 2010 --   --
APP-150 Wholesale Conversion of Industrial Buildings Jun 2013 --   zip file
APP-151 Building Design to Foster a Quality and Sustainable Built Environment Sep 2014 --   zip file
APP-152 Sustainable Building Design Guidelines Jan 2016 --   zip file
APP-153 Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings 2011 Nov 2012 --   zip file
APP-154 Design Requirements for Columbarium Facilities Aug 2012 --   --
APP-155 Validation Scheme for Unauthorised Signboards Sep 2013 --   --
APP-156 Design and Construction Requirements for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings
(Guidelines on Design and Construction Requirements for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings 2014)
Sep 2014 --   --
APP-157 Code of Practice for Site Supervision 2009 May 2015 --   --
APP-158 Quality Supervision of Building Works Nov 2016 --   --
APP-159 Measures to Deter Misuse of Industrial Buildings for Residential Use Oct 2016 --   --

Download PNAP Part A - Application of the BO and Regulations (APP-1 to APP-100) (9.83 MB zip file)
Download PNAP Part B - Application of the BO and Regulations (APP-101 to APP-159) (7.72 MB zip file)

Part C - Advisory

PNAP No. Title Date of Current Issue Previous Reference Signed Copy Obsolete Versions#
ADV-1 Asbestos Jan 2015 PNAP 114   zip file
ADV-2 Legislation and Publications Affecting the Building Industry Nov 2014 PNAP 115   zip file
ADV-3 Standardization of Floor Numbering May 2010 PNAP 128   zip file
ADV-4 Control of Environmental Nuisance from Construction Sites Aug 1997 PNAP 144   under
ADV-5 Tropical Hardwood Timber Jul 1992 PNAP 153   --
ADV-6 Lightning Protection for Buildings Dec 2006 PNAP 156   zip file
ADV-7 Gas Supply Installations
[This practice note is repealed, see Part F of Appendix A of PNAP ADV-2 .]
Feb 1994 PNAP 164 -- under
ADV-8 Registration of Slopes and Retaining Walls Feb 2002 PNAP 168   under
ADV-9 Submission of Development Progress Sep 1998 PNAP 174   under
ADV-10 Lift Shaft Platforms Feb 2011 PNAP 181   zip file
ADV-11 Suspended Working Platforms Feb 2010 PNAP 185   zip file
ADV-12 Display of Site Information Jan 2005 PNAP 191   zip file
ADV-13 Application for Excavation Permit for Works on Public Road - Circulation of Proposal to Utility Undertakers Feb 2009 PNAP 197   zip file
ADV-14 Facilities for External Inspection and Maintenance of Buildings Jun 2012 PNAP 218   zip file
ADV-15 Fixing of Reinforcement for Concrete Works Jul 2003 PNAP 221   zip file
ADV-16 Street Name and Building Number May 2007 PNAP 226   zip file
ADV-17 Noise Annoyance Prevention - Design of Pump Room and Ventilation System Sep 1998 PNAP 228   --
ADV-18 Corruption Prevention Jul 1999 PNAP 237   --
ADV-19 Construction and Demolition Waste Jun 2000 PNAP 243   --
ADV-20 Planning Application for Minor Amendments to Approved Development Proposals Apr 2001 PNAP 250   --
ADV-21 Management Framework for Disposal of Dredged / Excavated Sediment Apr 2007 PNAP 252   zip file
ADV-22 Felling or Transplanting of Trees Nov 2002 PNAP 267   zip file
ADV-23 Improvement of Visual Appearance and Landscape Treatment for Man-made Slopes and Retaining Walls May 2004 PNAP 270   zip file
ADV-24 Floor Drains in Kitchens and Bathrooms Jun 2003 PNAP 277   --
ADV-25 Extractor Fans in Bathrooms and Lavatories in Domestic Buildings Mar 2004 PNAP 285   --
ADV-26 Ventilation of Common Corridors and Lift Lobbies in Buildings Jan 2004 PNAP 287   --
ADV-27 Protection of Natural Streams / Rivers from Adverse Impacts arising from Construction Works May 2005 PNAP 295   --
ADV-28 Provision of Sanitary Fitments in Offices, Shopping Arcades, Department Stores, Places of Public Entertainment, Cinemas and Other Public Places Nov 2012 PNAP 297   zip file
ADV-29 Construction Site Safety - Pay for Safety Scheme Mar 2006 PNAP 298   --
ADV-30 Provision of Mechanical Ventilation under Building (Planning) Regulation 34 Jan 2007 PNAP 301   --
ADV-31 Building External Finishes - Wet-fixed Tiles Sep 2013 PNAP 303   zip file
ADV-32 Provision of Babycare Rooms in Commercial Buildings Feb 2009 PNAP 305   --
ADV-33 Essential Information in Plan Submissions Sep 2016 --   zip file
ADV-34 Building Information Modelling Sep 2016 --   --

Download PNAP Part C - Advisory (ADV-1 to ADV-34) (8.13 MB zip file)

#"Obsolete Versions" provides the digitized obsolete versions and we would continually upload the other available obsolete versions from time to time for reference purposes.

Disclaimer: The obsolete versions of PNAPs provided on this webpage are for reference only. It should not be relied upon as an exhaustive source of all obsolete versions.

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