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General Guidelines on Minor Works Control System

Description Document Files (pdf) Size
Content     49.4 KB
Chapter 1 Introduction   1.61 MB
Chapter 2 What's new?   682 KB
Chapter 3 Classification of "Minor Works"   1.20 MB
Chapter 4 Categorization of "Minor Works"   7.96 MB
  7.98 MB
  6.26 MB
Chapter 5 Common Minor Works Items   2.63 MB
Chapter 6 "Simplified Requirements" for Carrying Out "Minor Works"   413 KB
Chapter 7 Inspection and Certification of "Prescribed Building or Building Works" (commonly known as "Household Minor Works Validation Scheme")   1.32 MB
Chapter 8 Registers of Building Professionals and Registered Contractors   160 KB
Chapter 9 Legal Obligations and Sanctions of the "Person who Arranged for Minor Works to be Carried Out"   425 KB
Chapter 10 Legal Duties, Responsibilities and Sanctions of Building Professionals & Registered Contractors in Carrying Out "Minor Works"   194 KB
Chapter 11 Frequently Asked Questions   537 KB
Appendix I Types of "Minor Works"   1.59 MB
Appendix II Items of "Minor Works"
Appendix III Duties & Responsibilities of Prescribed Building Professionals & Prescribed Registered Contractors under the "Simplified Requirements"
Appendix IV Sanctions against Building Professionals & Registered Contractors
Appendix V Recommended Steps for Persons who Intended to Carry Out "Minor Works" ("MW")
Index     3.53 MB